What New Orleans is saying about EPNO (formerly the Crescent Fund):


      • “The impact of EPNO goes far beyond grant dollars. By engaging the city’s up-and-coming talent in philanthropic giving, EPNO is laying a foundation for young professionals to become engaged community leaders and effective, lifelong philanthropists — committed to impacting positive change in our region.” — Letter to The Times-Picayune, November 2011
      • “It is fitting that Thanksgiving comes as close as it does to National Philanthropy Day, because it’s often out of a sense of gratitude that people make the decision to give. The Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans, for example, just announced that its 82 members helped distribute $82,000 dollars to 21 local nonprofit organizations. The needs in this city remain great. Such gifts are wholly appreciated.” — Jarvis DeBerry, The Times-Picayune, November 2011.
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      • “The value of EPNO is visible not only in the time and money that its members commit, but in the ranks of those young professionals in New Orleans who were empowered by their experience and are poised to become the community leaders and philanthropists of tomorrow.” — The Second Line blog, June 2010
      • “The Crescent Fund was conceived as a giving circle for young professionals. The idea – that if each participant makes a small donation, the impact on the community can be huge – has caught on. ” — Greater New Orleans Foundation newsletter, December 2010.
      • “If a small group of young professionals pooled their resources to give back to their community, could they make a difference? Just ask one of the Crescent Fund’s first four grant recipients. Melissa Sawyer, accepting a Crescent Fund grant for the Youth Empowerment Project, said, ‘You don’t necessarily need a lot of money to make a difference….When money is used thoughtfully and efficiently, you can make a huge impact.'” — Greater New Orleans Foundation newsletter, December 2009.

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